Virtual Event: Author Talk with Shane Phillips

Join us for N4MN’s first virtual event—a lunchtime talk about housing solutions on Jan. 13.

Join the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio and Neighbors for More Neighbors Columbus for a lunchtime event with Shane Phillips, author of The Affordable City.

When: Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022 at Noon (EST)
Where: Zoom
What: An interactive and informal talk by Shane Phillips, a housing policy expert and author of The Affordable City.
Who: Anyone’s invited!
Why: To learn about innovative housing policies focused on supply, stability, and subsidy.

About The Affordable City

  • From Los Angeles to Boston and Chicago to Miami, U.S. cities are struggling to address the twin crises of high housing costs and household instability.
  • Debates over the appropriate course of action have been defined by two poles: building more housing or enacting stronger tenant protections. These options are often treated as mutually exclusive, with support for one implying opposition to the other.

Shane believes that effectively tackling the housing crisis requires that cities support both tenant protections and housing abundance.

  • He offers readers more than 50 policy recommendations, beginning with a set of principles and general recommendations that should apply to all housing policy.
  • The remaining recommendations are organized by what he calls the Three S’s of Supply, Stability, and Subsidy.

The Affordable City is an essential tool for professionals and advocates working to improve affordability and increase community resilience through local action.