Guest Post: What if Anyone Could Invest in New Housing? The vast majority of Americans are in favor of building safe, decent, and affordable housing
Guest Post: Adding affordable housing to South Linden This post was authored by KCG-Ascent Ventures to explain their proposal to add new affordable housing to
Do you support more housing...but have one of these common concerns? True story: we need more housing. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good,
Harrison West: Once home to 7,500 people—now about 3,500. Neighbors for More Neighbors—Columbus is excited to learn of the addition of new housing units in
I am your density. This is a guest post authored by Brian Higgins, Executive Director of the Parsons Avenue Redevelopment Corporation. Let us know if
N4MN Supports the 'Housing for All' Legislative Package at Columbus City Council As an expression of our support building more housing to accommodate new neighbors
Support more housing at this prime South Side location! Take an opportunity to voice your support for this important project! Supporters of the project are
If you don't want new neighbors, then where should people move to? When new residential projects are proposed, many opponents claim there are too many
Decades of Restrictive Zoning Helped Create our Housing Shortage Historically, American cities had realities that created a low quality of life for many residents. Industrial
At just 50% of it's former population, today's German Village lacks it's former vitality! Did you know that in 1960 there were thousands more people
If we care about housing affordability, why do we support market-rate development? Simply put, Neighbors for More Neighbors—Columbus (N4MN) supports building more housing. All types
We support housing for people—not for cars. In a city where more than 5,000 homeless individuals were served by the Community Shelter Board in just
An introduction to "gentle density" Paraphrased and summarized from a 2019 Brookings Institution Report by Alex Baca, Patrick McAnaney, and Jenny Schuetz. Increasing density isn't
All about single-family zoning Before zoning, individual property restrictions were one of the only instruments to control land use. When power-brokers and municipalities learned that
Five Fun Reasons for Having More Neighbors There are so many reasons to want more neighbors in your community. Aside from the potential of meeting
An explanation of the "missing middle" of housing Missing Middle Housing is a concept used to describe a range of multi-family or clustered housing types
Old Time Columbus had a lot more neighbors! Are you old enough to remember heading down to Lazarus to see the Christmas display? Or getting