We are neighbors who want more neighbors!

Everyone has their own reasons to welcome more neighbors into Central Ohio. Read why some of our supporters have chosen the pro-housing path.

As an active community member and Columbus native, I have been in so many meetings over the years that are drowned out by negativity. There are so many positive voices that are excited about Central Ohio’s growth and the opportunities that presents. We’re having our moment! I’m really here to start from that vantage point and be intentional about how we welcome and accommodate more and diverse types of neighbors with more and diverse types of homes.
Mindy Justis
Downtown resident
Clintonville is a vibrant and historic Columbus neighborhood beloved by families, seniors, small businesses, and visitors for our tree-lined streets and beautiful residential architecture. Our location near employment centers, from Ohio State to downtown, as well as northern suburbs, makes our neighborhood an attractive home for diverse professionals and students alike. I am very happy to support efforts to bring more neighbors to Clintonville and the historic Columbus core, and am confident that we can ensure our community offers ample housing options for all income levels.
Brittany Boulton
Clintonville Area Commissioner
Access to housing is a key component to offering a high quality of life, and welcoming new neighbors into our communities will help foster local vibrancy. Building a balanced and resilient local economy requires several strategies, including adding more housing options and public transit along High Street and other major corridors. Along with creating an abundance of housing types at various price points, we should welcome and accommodate more neighbors. That’s why I support the goals of N4MN.
Rachael Dorothy
Member-Elect, Worthington City Council
I have been a renter in Columbus for thirteen years. I have personally experienced the way the housing shortage has sky rocketed rent and plummeted housing choice. The crisis has ballooned exponentially over the past few years and, as a Legal Aid lawyer, I am concerned about the ability of my low-income neighbors to access safe affordable housing options. Housing development with an eye toward affordability and increased density in our historic neighborhoods is necessary if all Columbus residents are to benefit from Columbus’ growing economy.
Tabitha Woodruff
Columbus Legal Aid Attorney
What attracted me to Columbus was the accessibility and potential of our urban core—the exciting possibility of dense, diverse neighborhoods that support the kind of walkable business and social infrastructure we all want in our communities. As a downtown resident, I want more neighbors, because more neighbors means more businesses, more opportunity, and a better Columbus for everyone.
Pete Shipley, Downtown resident
Millions of people will be living in Central Ohio by 2050––let’s think about what that will mean for our city, and the opportunities this affords us. We can continue to build prosperous families, businesses, and communities in Columbus, but only if we adopt a collective mindset. We must welcome dense, urban development with open arms. We must recognize that building more housing is the best solution to address our affordability crisis, and that this issue is bigger than just ourselves. There is something special happening in Columbus, and I look forward to welcoming more neighbors to prosper here with us.
Jon Slemp
Merion Village resident
Four years ago I moved to Columbus and quickly fell in love with the city. Since then, I’ve become involved in my neighborhood seeking to ensure that everyone is treated equitably as our region continues to grow. One of the most equitable ways we can grow is to welcome more housing into our neighborhoods while also working against displacement. Welcoming more people into our communities builds vibrancy and diversity, and creates the opportunity to learn from others. I fully support the platform of Neighbors for More Neighbors Columbus in seeking to create a region of abundant and affordable housing options.
Rob Leis
Schumacher Place resident
Columbus is a great place to live. The growth of our region is a testament to the opportunity it offers to an array of diverse people. However, in order to accommodate future growth we simply need more housing. In particular, we need a diversity of housing that matches the dynamic needs of our neighbors. This is why I support Neighbors For More Neighbors Columbus – to advocate for more housing for all types of people in all communities.
Michael Wilkos
Weinland Park resident
As a life-long resident of Columbus, I have been so excited to see the growth and development of our neighborhoods. At the same time, I’ve been disheartened to see rents creep up, reducing equitable access to Columbus communities. As Central Ohio continues to grow and develop, it is so important that we encourage new housing throughout our region. Sensible urban infill projects that expand access to jobs, schools, and public amenities are critical to making sure Columbus can be an equitable and accessible city. I can’t wait to welcome more neighbors to our vibrant city!
Jordan Griffith, Law student
Clintonville Resident
I’m a passionate advocate for transit and urban life in Columbus, and nothing is more important to our community’s success than having enough housing for all. I’m also a historic preservationist and the only way to equitably and responsibly preserve our city is to allow for enough density and housing development in our historic areas. More housing, more transit, more affordability, and a more vibrant and climate-friendly city…that’s what it’s all about!
Joshua Lapp
Olde Towne East resident
It’s time to return to traditional American neighborhood development, where families walk to their daily needs and have natural opportunities for social interaction with neighbors. Reforming zoning and housing policy is absolutely critical to building stronger, more resilient, and more accessible communities in Central Ohio. N4MN—Columbus works to educate and advocate for policy changes that give people more freedom and choice to live in areas that meet their changing needs.
Matthew Adair
Co-founder, N4MN—Columbus
I moved to Columbus as a recent college graduate and was charmed both by the chance to live in a dense, walkable neighborhood and the feeling of liveliness that comes from living in a growing city. We should embrace that growth and build a Columbus that provides housing of all kinds and for people of every income. Adding more housing and density to our city allows us to enjoy more walkable neighborhoods, have more transportation options, and better connect with the people around us. Let’s welcome more neighbors to our incredible city!
Kyle Marcum
Northwest Civic Association Trustee

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