N4MN Supports the ‘Housing for All’ Legislative Package

N4MN Supports the ‘Housing for All’ Legislative Package at Columbus City Council

As an expression of our support building more housing to accommodate new neighbors throughout Central Ohio. We also recently expressed our support for the housing legislative package proposed by Councilperson Shayla Favor. The package consists of the following components:

(1) Source-of-income discrimination protections;

(2) Renter’s choice between a lump sum security deposit or an insurance plan; and

(3) Renter’s receipts to show proof of payment.

N4MN believes that these measures will advance the cause of providing more housing for more people as our region continues to grow. We support all kinds of housing: public, private, subsidized, nonprofit, for profit, supportive, transitional, etc.

We know that the private market cannot solve our housing crisis, and that protections like those you are considering today are extremely important in extending the right of shelter to all in our community.